Agency vs Independent escort

With so many choices of local escorts you may wonder where to start?     Not all escorts and companions offer the same standard of services..   Its always best to research the local escort agencies and independent girls prior to your booking.

Many Independents are difficult to reach and often have you jumping through hoops just to arrange a session.   You may have to schedule days sometimes weeks in advance, give a deposit, or  have another service provider recommend you.    If the independent is posting on backpage or craigslist and doesn’t have a website you may be seeing fake photos, so beware of who or what may show up to your doorstep.  You should always search the image through  to see where the image came from. The fakes are more than likely from some porn related site.

You could also check reviews, however make sure they are valid reviews. If the hobbyist posting the review only has a dozen or so  reviews and most are of the same girl that would be another red flag.


With reputable escort agencies you will normally have a large selection of escorts to choose from.  The girls have  been screened by the agency to make sure they are drug free and a good representation of the company.   The agency should be able to  accommodate  prompt arrival to your home or hotel with little or no notice.   You wont have to communicate back and forth to arrange an encounter its as simple as one phone call.  Your personal information is kept confidential, you have the ability to pay with credit card.


As for safety and security professional drivers are always provided by reputable companies like educational safety meetings with health care nurses and unlimited free supplies are offered to keep the girls and clients safe.

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